Rooted in Simplicity, Sincerity & Support

Small Yet Mighty

As a humble family business, our strength lies in the simplicity of our roots. Small we may be, but our commitment to quality and heartfelt values makes us mighty.


Guided by Simplicity

At the heart of everything we do are two fundamental principles: simplicity and sincerity. These principles shape our identity, from the Swiss-inspired design ethos of our branding to our minimalist approach to packaging. We believe in letting the flavour of our vinaigrette speak for itself.


Eco-conscious Packaging

Our commitment to the environment is as strong as our dedication to quality. Embracing sustainability, our delivery packaging is consciously designed to be eco-friendly. Free from bubble wrap and plastic bags, our bottles, caps, and packaging are fully recyclable. Every element is a step toward a more sustainable, eco-conscious future.


Heartfelt Giving

We take pride in supporting The Friends Of Perseid School, a local charity that holds a special place in our hearts. Committed to enhancing the lives of pupils with complex learning disabilities and healthcare needs, this cause reflects our sincere dedication to making a positive impact within our community.