Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil Rich in Omega 3
Meticulously Crafted Blend of Herbs Original Flavour
Smooth Consistency For an even coating

Crafted in Geneva, Perfected by family

  • Original

    In the cozy confines of my mother's Geneva kitchen during the 1980s in Switzerland, a delicious vinaigrette recipe came to life. Born out of a love for good food and warm gatherings, it began as a humble experiment, never intended for anything more than our family table.

  • Homegrown

    This family recipe evolved into a cherished staple, symbolizing shared moments and laughter. Mastering the art of crafting our salad sauce turned into a heartwarming tradition, as we finessed and perfected the recipe through the years.

  • Flavour

    Our guests often asked to take a bit of our original vinaigrette home with them. It's this genuine appreciation that led us to share our little creation beyond our kitchen. Because exceptional salads deserve the touch of a genuinely exceptional vinaigrette.